The sonographer data logger - SAS SDR 120 records the existing noise levels in the room where it is installed.

One of the objectives of the sonographer recorder SAS SDR 120 is to determine the periods of operation of the noise source using a data acquisition system. Another feature of the system is its inviolability, for which it has a monitoring system of the sensor elements that are able to determine the manipulation of these. Among these we can find the set Speaker - Amplifier - Converter whose mission is to detect non-manipulation of the microphone, for this a test noise (pink noise) is emitted, the entire loop is evaluated and the sensitivity set efficiency of the constant permanent loop throughout the sessions is valued.

The sonographer recorder SAS SDR 120 can work as a sonographer or as a recorder.

As a sonographer, note the following parameters:

  • Operating time of the sources:

It is expressed in certain session within the period of time between the time and date on and the time and date off. When the elapsed time between the two is greater than 24 hours, automatically, an end of session is taken. The sonographer-recorder SAS SDR 120 has the ability to monitor four different noise sources.

  • Noisy operation period:

As recorder, the SAS SDR 120 continuously takes a sample of the equivalent level to 60 "in a periodical way, with a period to be determined in the installation, so that the inspection will give us the last 3000 samples, divided into sessions determined by source activity.


For the convenience of the inspection, reading data is also made using a portable terminal that reads the data from the computer's memory and transfers these to a desktop computer equipped with an inspection program, in which data are processed and the report is prepared. The stored information can also be obtained via SMS, GPRS or Ethernet transmission.