Proceso Digital de Audio works to make its ethical commitment and respect for the environment the basis of the sense of belonging and confidence of all people and the different groups with which it interacts. Thus, the vision of Proceso Digital de Audio is the following:

"We want to be the preferred Company because of our commitment to value creation, quality of life, safety of people and of supply, environmental protection and customer orientation".

The vision of Proceso Digital de Audio, integrating economic, social and environmental aspects of sustainability, is based on five values representing firm commitments of the Company:

Ethics and Corporate Responsibility

Proceso Digital de Audio is committed to the best corporate governance practices, the principles of business ethics and transparency in all areas of activity of the Company.

Proceso Digital de Audio pursues the public interest in accordance with which is established in the current legislation. The foregoing shall not preclude the consideration of other legitimate public or private interests that converge in the development of all business activities.

Proceso Digital de Audio is a company which is involved and learns from cultural and social realities.

The responsible behavior of all those who are part of Proceso Digital de Audio is a guide to action, which constitutes one of the strongest personality characteristics of Proceso Digital de Audio.

Respect for the environment

The commitment to the environment is one of the pillars of Proceso Digital de Audio.

Sense of belonging and trust

Through ongoing dialogue, Proceso Digital de Audio wants to be a company capable of building trust between all the agents involved and all who takes interests on it.

Safety and reliability

Proceso Digital de Audio works to provide product and develop other activities in a safe and reliable environment. The safety of people and among customers, as well as the development and sharing of best practices in safety and security, are essential components of its processes.

Customer orientation

Proceso Digital de Audio works to meet the needs and expectations of its customers, trying to continuously improve their satisfaction and their link. The aim of Proceso Digital de Audio is to provide the best quality service.

The commitments made by Proceso Digital de Audio related to the vision and values of the company, far from being a mere statement of principles, are applied to its daily practice and are integrated into its daily management, in all its areas of activity.